Vocal coaching  

Thank you for your interest in lessons!   I endeavour to tailor lessons to the individual - adult, teenager or child - and I aim to teach in an encouraging and supportive manner. You are never too old (or tonedeaf, or shy, or whiney, or whatever other nasty thing you’ve been told) to begin exploring your voice! There are always improvements to be made, and lessons are for EVERYONE who has a desire to learn and patience to practice. 

That said, if you are just beginning and simply looking to build some confidence in singing, I highly recommend starting off in one of my group classes.  This may sound intimidating, but they are designed for beginners and you will be with a small group of people who feel just like you do.    

I specialise in teaching CCM/popular styles of music.  In other words: music you would sing into a microphone.  Material for songs can be chosen either by you or myself, however, I encourage you to bring in suggestions for songs that ​you​ want to sing!​ Even if they are above your skill level it helps me understand what your interests are as a singer and what you are aiming for. I may suggest material that is similar, or complimentary, or that we can use to work on an aspect of your technique that will be useful for the song(s) you’ve chosen.   Additionally, this gives me insight into stylistic choices that you may want to incorporate into your sound.  

My background is varied and I have been coached in a number of different techniques in singing, as well as piano, dance and acting. I am a Neuro-vocal Method Certified instructor and incorporate this method into my teaching practice.  I am always growing and looking to improve and find new angles to my craft, and I will always bring these insights to my teaching.   

The voice is a very unique instrument and there are many approaches and styles to teaching it. My teaching style may resonate with you, and it may not, and that’s ok. If it doesn’t, I highly recommend you try different teachers until you find the right fit.   

I come from a natural musical upbringing but began studying voice 24 years ago as a child. I hold a Diploma of Contemporary Music and Technology with a Vocal Performance Major from Selkirk College in British Columbia, Canada - a sister school to Berklee College of Music in Boston. I have also been playing piano for 28 years in numerous styles.​

​If we come across a question I don’t know the answer to, I will not make up a response! Rather, I will guide us both on a journey of discovery. The beautiful thing about music is there is always something new to learn! 

Group Classes

Recording The Shorebird Quest soundtrack with singers Michelle Pyke and Bex Youdale

Recording The Shorebird Quest soundtrack with singers Michelle Pyke and Bex Youdale