2021 Studio 34 Dance Fundraiser for Song a Day May Photo: Abby Murray

Whoo boy. Ok. The difficult third series.... Here we go again...  2 years now I've done the Song a Day May Challenge for Brain Cancer for the Charlie Teo Foundation.  

But now more than ever I feel it's important for me to do this.  

This time it's a little insane.  We will be in the final 20 days of prepping and performing ''The Shorebird Quest" in Broome, a production which I collaborated in composing and writing, and which involves every school choir in town.  This show was originally produced in 2019, just 3 years after Dr Charlie Teo removed my ''inoperable'' brain stem tumour in what was arguably the smoothest and easiest recovery of all 5 brain surgeries I have had.  

That tumour had just turned cancerous and was beginning to grow aggressively.  To say that I owe my life to Charlie is not an overstatement.  It is statistical fact. 

I am personally appalled by the ongoing attacks against him as they feel personal.  Entire organisations, hurting families who didn't get the outcome they hoped for, and media sharks telling me that my life, and the lives of the countless others he's either saved or bought more time for... were not worth it.  Like we should have all just accepted our fate and politely died. 

Regardless of the outcome of the disciplinary hearing, Charlie has vowed to keep fighting for a cure for brain cancer through his foundation. And as a survivor I intend to fight alongside him. (So far 7 years so not yet ''officially cured'' ... but 7 years is 7 years and damn, I wouldn't trade them for anything)

Head to the campaign website to read my story here and donate to the challenge!  Follow me on facebook, instagram, or right here!

So once again… I’m challenging myself with Charlie this May, for Brain Cancer Awareness Month.  My challenge is to write a song a day for the month of May. 


- must be one minute of music or more 

- must be written and recorded in one hour or less 

- must be posted to my facebook/instagram page 

Essentially what I'm writing are song seeds, possibly/probably not finished works. I will be writing to prompts from various sources. If you're a songwriter, please consider giving it a crack!  Sign up here and fundraise as a part of my team 'Song a Day May'! Hopefully together we can raise $5,000 or more towards finding a cure to this disease