Songwriting Sketchbook

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Dearest Fans, Friends and Family, 

Thank you SO MUCH for supporting my musical journey!  For contributing a monthly donation of $1 or more to my music career, I want to thank you... and lavish you in gifts! 

Having a regular income from my original work allows me to continue to grow and keep showing up for you as an artist.  

Here's why I do what I do:

I create music to express my soul and my love of singing.  I share my gifts to create a sense of connection and joy that I hope empowers others to find, and love, their voice, and express themselves through song.  

For helping me to do this you receive: 

  1. Exclusive access to my 'Songwriting Sketchbook' - an online log of my songwriting practice.

    Here I will upload audio every Monday (AWST)... it may be whole songs or fragments of new ideas to be nurtured. It may be rewrites of previous sketches or songs that need... just... something... It may be spoken lyrics... or smooshy vowel-ish sounds sung to a brand new melody... this is insight into my songwriting practice and can be intensely personal.

    This is crossposted as a link to Insta and Facebook where so that you can interact with it while you're already on social media.  The link brings you to a private page on my website where the Sketchbook exists.  You can also simply log in from my website if social media really isn't your thing. 

    As supporters, you can give me prompts to write a song!  From simply a word or a phrase, or a more elaborate challenge, I will spin a song-sketch.  This is great fun for me as well as for you!  It flexes my songwriting muscles and gets them moving! 
  2. Early access to all solo recordings.  Get to hear and download my tracks before the rest of the world!  I am scheduled to record with the incredible James Newhouse in December of this year... those tracks will be here, first. 
  3. Some super special, secret surprises.  Everybody loves a gift that they haven't anticipated!  It's as fun for the giver as the receiver! 

    About once or twice a month, I will drop something on you that you didn't expect.  Why?  Because you're lighting up my life and I want to light up yours!  

    "But what IS it?!", you ask? 

    Maybe secret shows, maybe online shows, maybe fun projects with my choral groups, maybe art projects that aren't music, maybe something with other musicians or projects, maybe, maybe, maybe... you'll see.  

So big BIG love to you humans!  You're supporting my journey both financially AND energetically, by being an online family (and in person, some of you!) to whom I am devoted.  Atrophy is the enemy of creativity, and you truly help keep me in the flow and 'on the hook'.  Which is exactly where I want to be - it makes me feel whole. 

Thank you, from every fibre of my being... thank you. 


Jaime Jackett